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Lack of energy often means family tasks have to be rearranged. This can cause problems, especially with children. It is a subject to discuss regularly within the family.

  • Social interaction

Many people who have been tired for a long period complain that they lose friends and acquaintances. Tiredness takes a lot of time so loss seems inevitable. If a tired person does not take the initiative, some friends and acquaintances might begin to stay away. It is not healthy to isolate yourself. It is important to find a good balance in maintaining your social contacts. In the long run, most fatigued ex-cancer patients have fewer relationships than before but these contacts are often more intense and because of that, more satisfying.
Participating in a group is often complicated for someone who is suddenly tired or has a shorter day. But careful planning and not wanting to do everything helps a lot.

  • Hobbys

Fatigue influences your free time. Exciting hobbys may have to be swopped for more quiet time. That can mean painting and crosswords instead of sports and outings. But tired people also have to move and exercise because it is essential to keep your energy at a certain level or to improve your energy level.

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