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Journalist and former cancer patient Maria Hendriks (b. Hilversum 1946) wrote for the first time about tiredness after cancer in 1989 in an article for her newspaper.









since 2005
Journalist at the Dutch daily national newspaper de Volkskrant
Co-founder of Women and Media Foundation (stichting Vrouw & Media)
Board Member of the Union of Journalists (NVJ Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten)
Book Wees blij dat je nog leeft/Be happy you are still alive on the period after cancer treatment. Her own experiences and that of ten other patients.
Chairperson for the Tiredness group at the Society of Cancer Patients (Federatie van Kankerpatiëntenorganisaties NFK)
Een lichaam van lood/A body of lead book on extreme tiredness after cancer
Een lichaam van lood/A body of lead, a new edition on the same subject that tells the readers what they can do about their tiredness
Book Werken na kanker/Work after cancer with co-authors Ineke Jungschleger, Malou van Hintum, Tia Lücker and expert Ragna van Hummel about (getting back to) work during and after cancer treatment
book Fatigue after cancer
Coach, editor, advisor about tiredness

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